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The company Hape has a wide range of wooden toys and is existing for over 26 years. The company is one of the world's largest manufacturer of toys made from renewable resources. Wooden toys from Hape have a particularly long life and quality also it is creatively designed and environmentally friendly. To mention here is that all products meet the strictest international quality and safety standards or often exceed.

Toys from Hape are created with the objective, to play, learn and explore the world in which we live. By using natural raw materials and water-based paints and by observing strict quality and safety, parents can rely on the quality of Hape.

In the assortment, there is a wide range in the fields of kitchens for children, doll houses, workbenches and car parks. Many toys can be found at the learning toys, motor toys and the pull and push toys.

The Hape products are delivered in an attractive packaging and are therefore also very good as a gift.

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The children's kitchen from Hape are available in white and green. The colours are child-friendly and but neutral, so that the children's kitchens are suitable for boys and girls and fit well in many nurseries. The selection of accessories for children's kitchen is huge with lots of attention to detail.
So there is a toaster, a coffee maker and a mixer, but also a variety of dinnerware and food for the basic equipment the children's kitchen. With the different sets as a healthy salad, a gingerbread baking set, pita pockets for filling or a set with noodles, kids can cook great dishes - just like the big ones.

For small doll moms, there is the four-season house, a large doll house for dolls. The doll house can also be purchased as a set with furniture or unfurnished. The matching doll house furniture for bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen and toilet are also available from Hape.

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The furniture can be assembled for the 6 rooms as the children wish. Hape even has a few unusual sets the program, including a gym or a room for baby and children as well as a pet set. With the family car, the doll family can even take small trips.

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Even for small craftsmen Hape has much to offer. There is, for example, a workbench with tools and many components, so that the children can craft directly. As a complement to the workbench, there is a tool box with tools and two building sets, with which the small builders can let their imagination run wild.

Werkbank und Werkzeug von Hape

There are almost endless options by Hape in learning and motor skills toys. Delightfully decorated puzzles to stick, button puzzles or cubes puzzles invite the kids to play. On the basis of the different designs the children can practised simultaneously animals, vehicles and colours as well as letters or numbers. But also threading games, dominoes or memories stimulate to learn.

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